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A Toddler and a Baby

 Baby Faces episodes provide eye to eye connection, positive imagery, soothing music, emotional learning, and a style that doesn't overstimulate, which makes my kids giggle with joy. I love hearing them say the names of the animals.  Debbie Roy - Mom

Kids in Preschool

I was excited to share this little treasure with our Toddler Class. I was curious to see how the episodes might capture a larger audience. Baby Faces captured the attention of l3 toddler children for fifteen uninterrupted minutes, a difficult task indeed. The toddlers, mixed ages of 18 months and 2 and a half years, found peace and wonder in the beautiful colours in the movie. Watching other babies just like them wrapped and bathed in awesome backdrops of Mother Nature seized their attention and put instant smiles on their faces. Those smiles were instant recognitions of the world outside their front door. They also showed care and empathy for the babies commenting on the emotions, "oobaby, crying", one girl said, and, "happy baby" another commented. The animals were a huge hit. It was fun to watch as some children broke from viewing to collect toy animals from the classroom shelf that they recognized on the episodes and show it to their friends and teachers. I do not generally allow excessive screen time at home. My husband and I observe our children's programming and monitor the content for age-appropriate family values purposes.  With special gems like Baby Faces I feel proud and happy to share with my son and all of the children in our care. Thumbs way up Kelly, and congratulations to all those responsible for bringing the Baby Faces episodes into the minds and hearts of our children. Sandy Ramos, Director, and Parent (Junior Scholars Preschool)

Curious Child

Eric loved looking at babies in books but had no interest in other shows on Youtube or any other toddler programming. So we tried Baby Faces while on a trip from Oakville to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and he was mesmerized! He did seem to get fussy about every half hour and we realized that he was upset when the episodes ended and then was fine once it started again. Although we had brought other programming with us for the trip, Eric loved the Baby Faces series so much that we felt comfortable letting Baby Faces episodes play the entire trip. He had to have watched it at least 40 times and has watched it now on drives to Pennsylvania and on a flight to and from California, as well as just about every day in the car. Eric's almost 5 years old now and has not tired of the Baby Faces episodes.... which is why I've now bought four more downloads for friends with babies or who are expecting babies.  Danielle Birch - Mother

New Mom Staying Fit

I am an anti-screen Mom and I only allow Baby Faces episodes.  Baby Faces is the only thing I let my kids watch. Are you like me? I am busy with little ones, not keen on any screen time, but am open to a  conscious and appropriate presentation for toddlers and up. Toddlers you say? Yes, I say. I feel Baby Faces is suitable for toddlers because it is of the highest quality for its relatability and promoting sweetness, curiosity, friendship, empathy and accepting all of our emotions, both in ourselves and in others. And this is largely done without a lot of words or fast-moving screens. It's slowed down compared to a lot of options out there. The speed of Baby Faces is perfect for little ones. I am thrilled about this. Gwyneth Sobejko - Mom and Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher.

Mother and Child

The voice-overs from preschoolers say things like "love your family", "I love my true nature" "respect nature". Now my preschooler and toddler say the phrases that they have memorized during our regular viewings. Susan Chan - mom, Occupational Therapist

Feeling Mom's Tummy

Baby Faces is a lovely time spent with my child watching realtime babies making different expressions covering a range of emotions. It's a slow-moving, nature-inspired experience I share with my child, watching these engaging vignettes of babies from across all nations. Ramneet Khan - Mom